Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Saturday August 20th: Game Night

I have these two cute friends named Christie and Todd. They started dating back in Jr. High school and were one of the first couples to get married from our high school. I adore them. We like to have game nights with them sometimes. I wish it were more often, because they have the best games, the best pets, and the best hospitality.
This particular evening Todd and Christie invited us over for a pancake dinner and games. They are the best cooks and I always stuff myself whenever we eat there! Also they have the cutest pets! Two dogs; one big and one little that like to run all over the house and jump on everyone. I love them!
We played 3 games. First we played this awesome game called "Smart Ass". Seriously one of the most fun games I've played! I want to own it now! :D

Next we played this weird zombie card game that was really complicated. Not gonna lie, it wasn't my favorite, but then again I'm not a huge fan of card games in general.

Last we played a new game that Steven and I had bought specifically for this occasion! It's called "Couple Links" and is a game for married couples kind of like The Newly-wed game. 

We're really not sure what the little symbol next to the word "couple" is supposed to be. Possibly a man and woman doing weird backbends towards each other? The figure on the right has a little bump that could be boobs...hmm...
It's a super fun game! Anyone who is married and not shy about sharing details on your personal life with us, give us a call! We'd love to play it with you!
The game is basically a series of questions which you ask each other and if you both get the same answer then you move forward. However, if one person answers wrong they have to go to "the dog house" space on the board and do a number of embarrassing things to appease their spouse before they will be let out. For example. I had to make up a poem about Steven's butt for 3 minutes. haha. AWKWARD!

Anywhoo...We love game nights, so if anyone ever wants to hang out and NOT go out, hit us up! 

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