Wednesday, October 12, 2011

IWorlds: Bringing out the Inner Nerd of Everyone

Steven planned a date night for us which took us up to Thanksgiving point with our good friends from high school (now married) Kyle and Lauren Simonsen. For a limited time, Thanksgiving point played host to an attraction called, "IWorlds" which is basically an outer space voyage simulator. I had been wanting to find something like this to surprise Steven with for his birthday, but he beat me to it.

There were about 15 people that participated, and we were all briefed about the scenario we were going to reinact. Then everyone was given a rank or position from Captian of the ship down to the security officers who were given "laser" weapons. We all had to wear uniforms that went over our regular clothes and then we filed into the ship (which was inside a large trailer). Each person worked at a seperate station and had their own private set of instructions that was given them through an mp3 player. Once everyone had been trained the simulation began.
As nerdy as this all sounds, it was actually really fun! There was a large screen in the front that acted like our view of outer space, and there were sound effects and alien actors that crashed our ship and all kinds of things going on! You had to stay really on top of your job or things could get messed up pretty quickly. I was the telephone oporator. Whenever another deck of the ship had to be called I made that call, or whenever an enemy ship called in I patched them through to the Captain. It was fun and not too stressful. I have a lot of practice answering phones since I work at a hotel, and it was fun to do silly accents and answer it saying things like, "Starship, Rebekah speaking!" Lol! :D
Steven was on scanners scanning for other vessels in the area. He'd have to tell you more about it because I don't really know what all he did. I do know that he was sitting near the door and I think he got shot at one point when aliens invaded. Lauren and Kyle had a blast as well, and they were the perfect couple to go with since the are hugely nerdy as well. ;)

We all had a great time and would recommend Iworlds as a fun break-the-ice date night for anyone! They even do discounts if you have a group, but I think it's a seasonal thing, so check back next summer. Yay!

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