Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Richney's New Home

Steven's family made up names for all of their married kids and their spouses. Steven's oldest brother Richard and his wife Whitney are Richney, his next brother Ryan and his wife Michelle are Rychelle, and Steven and I ended up as...wait for it...Stebekah.

Unfortunately, as awful as this sounds, they do actually save time when we are referring to each couple, and they've stuck.

On to my post...
Richey and Whitney (who from here on out will probably be referred too as "Richney" because of the time it saves...) recently moved to a new apartment here with us in Provo, and on Thursday June 23rd we got to go over and check it out and enjoy their hospitality with dinner and a movie!

Richney's new place is so cute! It is still a two bedroom, but the way it is set up is just so much more homey! Plus, Whitney has a great sense of style and decorating, and although they weren't completely moved in yet, it already had so many unique touches of "Richney" that it felt like their home and not just any old apartment. We were happy to settle right in to enjoy the evening together.

Whitney's cooking is DIVINE. She is like Betty Crocker and Paula Dean's love child. Everything that I have ever eaten that she has made has been exquisite, and this evening was no different! Whitney made us these LUSCIOUS Philly cheese steak sandwiches. Oh my goodness. They just melted in your mouth. I was so bummed that my stomach filled up with the goodness of that steak before I could finish my sandwich. Thankfully Steven is like my own personal garbage disposal (not that the sandwiches even closely resembled garbage...bad analogy....) so he was able to finish mine off for me so none was wasted! It was YUMMY!!! I wish I could magically be endowed with the desire and patience to actually cook. After a year of marriage with me Steven is beginning to figure out that all I can make is a variety of egg dishes and one kind of "fancy" chicken meal. haha.

After the dinner part of the evening we watched Kung Fu Panda which neither Steven nor I had yet seen. It was pretty funny actually! I guess I'd never had a huge drive to see it just because it sounded so corny, but we had some good laughs! Mostly at the old turtle. He was the best part.

After getting a look at their new place with it's nice new soft carpets and cupboards, and kitchen counter space, and hallway with storage cupboards....I became incredibly jealous and began zealously searching ksl and CL for available apartments in our price range. haha. I love decorating, and liked imagining a new place to spruce up. Alas, our current housing situation is really the only thing in our price range that works for us right now. We shall stay put in the Crescent Arms back building for a while longer yet. Plus, they don't check to see if you actually have pets or not. haha. Sneaky sneaky! 

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