Tuesday, August 16, 2011

~Partners in crime~

So remember a few posts back when I got a kitten? Well, my bestie best friend of all time, Xanthe, played a large roll in said kitten coming home, and just 3 weeks later she got a DOG!!! Yaaaayyyy! Xanthe and her husband David got a beautiful black puppy from a shelter. Saving animals is so important and I am so glad they now have a little animal baby too! Hooray! Best friends forever!!!

And now, a little nostalgic post about my best friend.

Xanthe and I have been friends since one fateful day the summer after 5th grade when my family moved into her home ward and we had the same primary teacher. This particular teacher let us have lessons out on the grass and always brought treats! Xanthe and I bonded over some chocolate-covered cinnamon gummy bears, and our friendship has held together ever since---much through the help of various food items that we both enjoy consuming such as whole pickles, cheetos, cookie dough, pink frosting, Nesquick and of course the chocolate malts at S.O.S. Drug Store on Main Street in Provo.
Xanthe has been my best friend through all of the hardest trials of my life. She is the best kind of friend; one that will listen and be sympathetic, but tell you to your face if you are being stupid. And boy has she had to put up with me through a lot of stupidity! I don't know what I would do without her. I am so grateful that she is still my friend (12 years and counting!) and that she lives near me right now so that we can hang out and gossip about our young married lives. (All the while still plotting how we will someday live in the cliffs at Lake Powell...)

Life would be so empty without our family and friends, and I feel truly blessed to have such a great best friend to keep me going when things get tough!
I love you Xanthe!


And if the above link works...you will see a FABULOUS pic of Xanthe and I when we were about 13 years old at Lake Powell. :D BEST FRIENDS FOREVER!

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