Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The only words I know come from Disney movies...

For my voice lessons this month my teacher, Emily, gave me a song to learn that is in French. French has got to be the most screwed up language ever. She always has me try to pronounce it before she tells me how it actually sounds, which usually ends up going something like this.

Me: DAN's Ooon so-meal....
Her: Dah zonn Soh-may.
Me: Oh...ok...
Her: Keep going
Me: Shar-mate tone image?
Her: Shar-MAY Tone-ee mah-juh.
Me: Oh, of course.


Yeah. It's kind of frustrating.

It's a gorgeous song though, and after having had it for a couple weeks I've pretty much got the first and second versus down! Steven is probably wary of hearing me sing it over and over at our little keyboard. haha. Sorry hon! Gotta practice!

For your listening pleasure, here is the actual song sung by an actual french-woman. :)

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