Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Dinner at the Creek's

Married student wards are, oh, about a BAJILLION MILLION times better than any other type of ward. Our ward consists of mostly newly married people in their first few years of marriage, some with little babies and toddlers. Most of our fellow ward members are still in school and working crappy jobs, while living in tiny apartments in downtown provo that were built in the 60's. There are a lot of people that we can relate too, and after a year of living in the ward we are finally making some real friends.

One such couple are Dorothy and Matt Creek.

Dorothy became my personal angel in church one day when she noticed me sitting by myself in the hall and stopped to talk. She took the time necessary to really hear about what I was going through and be that listening ear and shoulder to cry on. She truly followed the example of our Savior by looking out for me-someone she had never met or spoken too before. Shortly after that day in church, she and her husband Matt invited Steven and I over to their apartment for dinner and games.

The Creeks live just two apartment buildings away from us and had all kinds of funny stories about their apartments of the past. There were some really crazy experiences with landlords of their past, and it made me feel extremely grateful that Steven and I have always had warm, safe places to lay our heads at night!

We played a word game that was kind of like a mix between Scrabble and Banana-grams. I don't remember the name, but it was pretty fun! You start by laying out a four letter word and everyone has a deck of letter cards. You lay your cards down as fast as you can and change the four letter word to any other word to get rid of your letters. As long as it's a real word it counts! We were grateful for their sense of humor, as all four of us kept being tempted to lay down all the cuss words we could think of. ;) Some how in the spur of the moment, the only 4-letter words we could think of rhymed with Duck or Stick. XD haha. MADE YOU MIND-CURSE!

Wow. We are so mature.

So anywhoo, young adult married wards are the best and we are grateful to have made new friends! Yay!

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