Tuesday, August 16, 2011

A Date Night in Salem

The last post was about new friends, and this one is all about old friends!

As I've mentioned before, a big bonus to marrying my high school sweetheart is that we have a lot of the same friends from our teenage days.

One such friend is Melissa Griffin.

On Saturday June 11th she hosted a "Bonfire" activity. As Austin (another friend and one of Steven's groomsmen) put it, "I have learned not to actually expect a bonfire whenever a girl plans a 'bonfire' activity". Austin, unfortunately, was right. A more appropriate description would have been a camp fire. This is not to say we were disappointed, because that would be a lie. In fact, the activity as a whole was a complete success! Located out in beautiful Salem, just down the road from the exotic Hare Krishna temple, Melissa's family has some property with a large fire pit and a great sprawling field. We played ultimate frisbee until the sun went down, and then enjoyed hot dogs and S'mores over the fire. It was also the first time we'd seen our friends Lauren and Kyle since they got married in May. It's nice to have MARRIED high school friends now, especially ones who went through the whole missionary thing. :) We love our friends from High School! I am so grateful that so many still live close. It makes Utah County seem a little less dull to me. Now I just have to hope they don't all graduate and move away too fast!

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