Saturday, June 4, 2011

The Missus

So....I've wanted to get a kitten ever since we got married, and frequently stalk the Craigslist and KSL classifieds and oogle all the free kittens that are on there. I've asked Steven before, but he always said, "Not at this house..." or "Not now, maybe later".

So....This one time....My friend Xanthe came to play and I was telling her about this adorable kitten I had seen on KSL that morning. I brought up the ad to show her and we noticed that it was listed as only being in Orem, a mere few MINUTES from me! She suggested we just go "Take a look". ;) haha.

The "look" resulted in me bringing home a kitten. BOY was Steven surprised! Tee hee! At first he was angry, but after only moments with her, he couldn't stay mad. :)

Our kitten is a beautiful black white and grey female whom we names "The Missus" but "Missy" for short.
We named her that so we can say "Gotta get home to the Missus!" and other silly things like that.

She has already brought SO much joy into our lives! She is snuggly and playful, mischievous and loving. We both love having her around, especially as we both have to be home alone so often.

Here is our little kitten:

She is very small. :) 

She sleeps with us

She purrs when we give her kisses. :) 

<3 Missy <3 

Jus' playin'! 

Use the force!!!

Her favorite toy

Cuddling on the couch
We are so grateful and blessed to have such a wonderful pet. :) We love her!!!

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