Friday, June 3, 2011

Palindrome!!! :)

~My Birthday Week~
On the Weekend BEFORE my birthday, I kick-started the festivities by having a girls night out with my best friend Eva. We went to SPARK for drinks and snacks. Good place!

~April 17th 2011~
The day before my actual birthday I had a family party at my Mom's place, complete with the in-laws, where we ate french toast and fresh fruit and strawberry shortcake!
Lots of awesome presents!

It's not officially my birthday unless I wear my princess crown. haha. 
 After the cake we finished the night by playing one of my favorite games, "SCUM". 
Scum is much better when played wearing funny hats.

~April 18th 2011~
My 22nd Birthday!
Steven surprised me with presents and cinnamon rolls for breakfast.

Cinnamon roll with a candle in it. haha.

Steven bought me this umbrella for my birthday. 
That evening he took me out to The Art City Trolley for dinner. Good food and free birthday cake! Yum!!

The Friday following my birthday we hosted a Broadway-themed dress-up party!
Each guest was required to come as a character from a Broadway musical.
I went as Velma Kelly from "Chicago". 
Steven was Spiderman from "Spiderman the Musical: Turn off the Dark." 
Also in attendance: 
Ethan came as Danny from "Grease"
Austin came as Rico Castelli from "Coco Cabana"
Eric came as Riff Raff from RHPS
Xanthe came as Sally from "...Charlie Brown"
Eva came as Penny from "Hairspray"
and Alana and Jon came as Mary Poppins and Bert. :) 

We played various musical improv games including Broadway trivia, Telephone Charades (Broadway edition!) and several improv games from "Whose Line is it Anyway". 

Friends, Cake, Games, Costumes...what more could I want? 
After the cake, we played several intense rounds of TWISTER!!! Best game ever! Seriously it just keeps getting better as I get older. ;) 
One of the many "Butt-shots" of the evening....
It was an AWESOME party and definitely got us in the mood for our upcoming trip to NEW YORK CITY!!! Yaaaayyyy!!!

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