Tuesday, May 31, 2011

That time I donated to Locks of Love...for the third time. :)

I cut off 14" of my hair and sent a 10" braid to Locks of Love to make wigs for children! This is the third time I've done it and it won't be the last! Thanks to Steven for being supportive even though he likes my hair to stay long all the time.


So much lighter!!
I had my hair done at a Salon in Orem, and I would highly recommend it! The girls were so nice and professional and I got just what I wanted. :)

Viva Las Vegas

I suck at blogging, but it doesn't matter because nobody reads these anyway.

A couple months ago the family I used to Nanny for in NYC contacted me and said that they were coming to Utah! The mom had won a ski trip to Brian's Head Utah ski resort, and after the ski trip they were driving to Las Vegas to  spend the weekend. I was very excited to hear this, since it had been 3 years since I'd seen my girls. I started kniving ways in which I could see them. Lucky for me, I ended up seeing them anyway! The current New York nanny declined the Utah trip, so I was hired to come work for them temporarily in Las Vegas! I got a free plane ride to sin city, got to stay in the penthouse suite of the V'dara hotel, and was paid $100 a day to take care of the kids again! Whee!! Best trip ever! Steven was so supportive; he knows how much I love that family.

Aviva is now 5 years old
Samantha is now the 3 year old, almost turning 4!
It was so good to see the girls again. When the family pulled up in their van (I was already waiting at the hotel having taken a plane and -get this- A LIMO to get there) the little girls were waving and screaming my name! It was amazing.
I had a pretty uneventful weekend, taking them to the aquarium, walking around the strip, coloring and watching kids movies. Also, I got to be aquainted with their little brother David who is just almost 1 year old! 

It was great to see my little family again and be able to resurrect my nanny skills. I love kids!