Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Steven's alternative career path

Steven bought me velcro hair rollers for Christmas and the first time I tried to use them really didn't work out. So THIS time, Steven took matters into his own hands. We watched some youtube tutorials on how to use them, and then he set to work being my hairdresser. I really enjoy letting Steven do my hair. He's actually pretty good at it, and he's done it so often now that he's really getting the hang of using bobby pins and hairspray correctly. Last Sunday at my mom's house he was doing it up in a fancy do for me and my mom said he should consider being a stylist. haha! She mostly thought it'd be a good idea to have one in the family so that we could all get discounts, but if Linguistics doesn't work out...we know what Steven could do instead!
Anyhoo, here are the pictures we took of the velcro hair-rollers experience. We didn't take any pictures afterwards because it still didn't really work. I think it was my stupid hair's fault's way to frizzy and long. I'm getting it cut in a couple weeks! Woo hoo!

Curlers in my hair!

It is moments like this when I consider myself fortunate to have Steven for a husband. <3