Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The "Y-Ball"

Luck was with us once again, as one day I was eating my lunch in the CougarEat and saw a flier for the "Y-Ball", a formal Valentine's dance for married and engaged couples ONLY. I had never heard of this, but the flier said that the first 100 couples would get free dinner, so I jumped right on that offer and found out where to get the tickets! They were FREE, and included was dinner for two, free limo rides, and a dance!
It was an amazing evening!! I asked around on facebook and found out who in the area had fancy dresses I could borrow, and ended up with lots of choices to look through! Thanks girls for being charitable!
The gorgeous dress I borrowed from my friend Taraya!

The Hair-Do I did myself! 

Really excited to be going out for a dance-date again!

It was a magical evening of free stuff! The dance and dinner were held at the Hinckley alumni building and the dinner was catered by Magleby's! After the dinner we waited in line for a limo ride which took us up around the Provo temple-which was GORGEOUS, and afterwards we danced! It was so much fun. They also had scrapbook paper and pens for all the couples to write their names and wedding song down, and at the dance they would play them. It was so cute! We had such a great time dancing together, and it was so nice not having weird single people trying to impress each other everywhere! I wish all events at BYU were segregated into single and married. It's so much nicer. We had fun trying to remember actual dance moves (it's been a while since either of us has taken social dance, though we both have!) and making up some moves of our own.
Centerpieces at the dinner

Free rose for me!

A couple in our ward were there too and took this pic of us!

I wrote this on the limo window during our free ride around the temple. ;) hee hee!

The dance ended at 10, but we headed out a few minutes early to beat the traffic taking along a free rose and pieces of cake!
We finished off the evening by treating ourselves to specialty drinks and a cheesecake tower at my favorite downtown locale: "Spark". It's just around the corner from our street and they have AMAZING non-alcoholic beverages and luscious desserts! We felt so spoiled. It was an amazing start to the Valentines season and we are already planning on being annual attendees of the Y-Ball! :)

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  1. Why do you wish they were all segregated? Just so it shuts down all awkwardness from single people hitting on married people? That I understand, but I hate only being around married people sometimes ... ok a lot of times ... because it feels so fake sometimes. Like, ok we are both married couples so therefore we should automatically be best friends and hang out, and do crafts together, and talk about relief society in awkwardly, sticky-sweet voices because that how all married couples are supposed to interact ... no thanks! :):) :) You can tell I'm a little sick of BYUI and ready to move on to the real world...


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