Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Sister's Sleepover!!!

In a valiant attempt to bring bonding and love to my weird and wonky family, I hosted a sleepover for my 3 unmarried sisters at my place. It was a good first attempt...
At first it wasn't going quite as planned as everyone showed up late and I felt a little miffed that no one had cared to clear their schedule for something I thought I'd been planning for about 3 weeks, but after my 3 other sisters showed up the fun began. We'd been planning to do hair/make-up and nails, but ended up putting our own spin on it.
I have a bunch of glamorous magazines in my apartment from this ridiculous magazine company I'm signed up for, and we were looking through them and got the brilliant idea that we should try and make ourselves look like the models in the magazines. They had some REALLY weird ads.

Melissa, my 13 year old sister found this series of ads that had these two girls with insane make-up colors, so she and I decided to be them.
Elizabeth, 19, found a picture of Scarlett Johansen that she could imitate, and Jessica was a Hair model.
Here are some of our photos: 
Melissa, as the model on the right. I didn't own any bright green eye-shadow, so we had to improvise.

Pretty convincing right? :) 

This was honestly the weirdest model I've ever seen. Vacant expression and GREEN eyebrows??? Wft? 
I'll have to get the rest of the pictures from Melissa, because she has the ones with Jessica.
Then we just took crazy pictures in my bathroom. Lol. Sister Love.

After that, we watched Ever After and fell asleep in my living room. Melissa slept on the couch and the other 3 of us on the floor. Steven had a sleepover in Mapleton that night. Thanks honey!!

We were a little worried that Melissa would roll off the couch and squish our heads in the night. Haha. Good thing she didn't. 
Snoozy snoozy! 
In the morning I made french toast for breakfast and Elizabeth shared grapefruits! Then we painted our nails.
Nail Party!

Black cuz I'm cool like dat. 
 That was about it! It was fun. We'll have to do it again sometime, because I feel like I hardly ever see my sisters....which is dumb because these three live within 15 minutes of me.

Melissa sent me the pictures she had from the sleepover, so here they are too! :)

I love my sisters. :D 

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