Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's Day 2011

Ok, now the blog will be officially updated. Sorry for the blogging overload as I tried to catch up.

Steven surprised me Saturday afternoon by bringing home a bouquet of roses.

Then, Monday, I devised a scavenger hunt that took him all around the house by following clues on about 30 different sticky-notes that led him to 10 different gifts that I'd hidden around the house. After he had found them all, he took me out for a nice dinner. Thankfully, he had planned in time for me to take a quick nap before I headed into work. It was a very nice Valentine's day.

Stake Valentine's Dance

One weekend since the last dance we went too....we attended our Stake Valentines dance at our church! The DJ was like 60 years old and the music was WAY too loud, but the decorations were cute and they had two MASSIVE chocolate fountains with all kinds of luscious stuff to dip in them, just like at The Melting Pot, so that made it worth it. We mostly just ate chocolate and didn't dance much because the cultural hall was so crowded, but it was fun anyway. 

Yay! Balloons!

Lots of people dancing to Michael Jackson songs...

Bad picture, but you can kind of see the giant white-chocolate fountain!
We only stayed for a little over an  hour, but that was okay because we ate lots of chocolate and had such a great dance experience the week before at Y-Ball.

The "Y-Ball"

Luck was with us once again, as one day I was eating my lunch in the CougarEat and saw a flier for the "Y-Ball", a formal Valentine's dance for married and engaged couples ONLY. I had never heard of this, but the flier said that the first 100 couples would get free dinner, so I jumped right on that offer and found out where to get the tickets! They were FREE, and included was dinner for two, free limo rides, and a dance!
It was an amazing evening!! I asked around on facebook and found out who in the area had fancy dresses I could borrow, and ended up with lots of choices to look through! Thanks girls for being charitable!
The gorgeous dress I borrowed from my friend Taraya!

The Hair-Do I did myself! 

Really excited to be going out for a dance-date again!

It was a magical evening of free stuff! The dance and dinner were held at the Hinckley alumni building and the dinner was catered by Magleby's! After the dinner we waited in line for a limo ride which took us up around the Provo temple-which was GORGEOUS, and afterwards we danced! It was so much fun. They also had scrapbook paper and pens for all the couples to write their names and wedding song down, and at the dance they would play them. It was so cute! We had such a great time dancing together, and it was so nice not having weird single people trying to impress each other everywhere! I wish all events at BYU were segregated into single and married. It's so much nicer. We had fun trying to remember actual dance moves (it's been a while since either of us has taken social dance, though we both have!) and making up some moves of our own.
Centerpieces at the dinner

Free rose for me!

A couple in our ward were there too and took this pic of us!

I wrote this on the limo window during our free ride around the temple. ;) hee hee!

The dance ended at 10, but we headed out a few minutes early to beat the traffic taking along a free rose and pieces of cake!
We finished off the evening by treating ourselves to specialty drinks and a cheesecake tower at my favorite downtown locale: "Spark". It's just around the corner from our street and they have AMAZING non-alcoholic beverages and luscious desserts! We felt so spoiled. It was an amazing start to the Valentines season and we are already planning on being annual attendees of the Y-Ball! :)

Grabbing the bull by the horns, or should I say the Cougar by the .... teeth?

I'm FINALLY taking Voice Lessons again!!!
*Moment of bliss as we all contemplate the joy of this*
I have an amazing local voice teacher who is perfect for my current goals.
I am working towards a second School of Music audition which will take place this Summer. I will be singing a German song, "Widmung" and a second song that is yet to be decided, but I'm debating about thinking outside the box and singing something from my Musical Theatre reportoire. I'm not sure if that would get me disqualified, as I'm trying to get into the Music Ed. program. Haha. We'll see. I have just a few more months to prepare, but now with weekly voice lessons, I'm on my way back to where I was, vocally, about a year ago.
It's really frustrating to realize how much I've digressed since moving home from New York, but I'm doing my best to get it back. The hardest part is just trying to find practice time while juggling two jobs and school/homework. Yikes.
Wish me luck!!!

New Car!

Thanks to a generous inheritance check from my Grandma who passed away last October, Steven and I were blessed with enough money to fulfill two of our dreams. 1. Get a car, and 2. Plan a trip to NYC.
The search for a car began months and months ago as I started looking on ksl and craigslist to see what was out there. However, we neither one of us knew much about cars and hadn't looked seriously until mid-January. Then, armed with advice from our parents and friends we began the search.
Irish luck must still be with us, because within just a week we had found the perfect car for us. We bought a 1998 Hyundai Sonata from a mechanic in Provo for just $1700. It is AMAZING having our own vehicle! We still take the buses to school every day, and I'm still planning on riding a bike to work in the summer, but having it for our grocery shopping and date nights and errands and cold-weather work has been a MAJOR blessing. We feel really good about our decision and so grateful for being financially safe and smart.
Thank you Grandma! We love and miss you!!!

Sister's Sleepover!!!

In a valiant attempt to bring bonding and love to my weird and wonky family, I hosted a sleepover for my 3 unmarried sisters at my place. It was a good first attempt...
At first it wasn't going quite as planned as everyone showed up late and I felt a little miffed that no one had cared to clear their schedule for something I thought I'd been planning for about 3 weeks, but after my 3 other sisters showed up the fun began. We'd been planning to do hair/make-up and nails, but ended up putting our own spin on it.
I have a bunch of glamorous magazines in my apartment from this ridiculous magazine company I'm signed up for, and we were looking through them and got the brilliant idea that we should try and make ourselves look like the models in the magazines. They had some REALLY weird ads.

Melissa, my 13 year old sister found this series of ads that had these two girls with insane make-up colors, so she and I decided to be them.
Elizabeth, 19, found a picture of Scarlett Johansen that she could imitate, and Jessica was a Hair model.
Here are some of our photos: 
Melissa, as the model on the right. I didn't own any bright green eye-shadow, so we had to improvise.

Pretty convincing right? :) 

This was honestly the weirdest model I've ever seen. Vacant expression and GREEN eyebrows??? Wft? 
I'll have to get the rest of the pictures from Melissa, because she has the ones with Jessica.
Then we just took crazy pictures in my bathroom. Lol. Sister Love.

After that, we watched Ever After and fell asleep in my living room. Melissa slept on the couch and the other 3 of us on the floor. Steven had a sleepover in Mapleton that night. Thanks honey!!

We were a little worried that Melissa would roll off the couch and squish our heads in the night. Haha. Good thing she didn't. 
Snoozy snoozy! 
In the morning I made french toast for breakfast and Elizabeth shared grapefruits! Then we painted our nails.
Nail Party!

Black cuz I'm cool like dat. 
 That was about it! It was fun. We'll have to do it again sometime, because I feel like I hardly ever see my sisters....which is dumb because these three live within 15 minutes of me.

Melissa sent me the pictures she had from the sleepover, so here they are too! :)

I love my sisters. :D 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Christmas is coming to our home! *do do do do...*

And might I say, the BEST CHRISTMAS YET!!! Of course this is like two months too late, but better late than never,  I always say!!
My family is big into Christmas Eve (refer to last years post) but this year-so that we wouldn't have to choose-my mom invited Steven's parents to spent Christmas Eve at her house and they accepted! It was the BEST EVER!!! We are so lucky that we are high school sweethearts and our parents live 7 minutes apart. Win! Here are some pictures of our grand evening:

Another great year for our annual nativity, this time Melissa and Jessica made themselves into a camel!

Two Best Mom's ever!!! <3 <3 <3

LoL! Our Dads, after playing with my dad's electric car set in the basement for over an hour. haha. 

TRADITIONS! TRADITIONS! Steven and I invented our own special Christmas morning breakfast which we can now make our own! :) 
Steven cookin' up some sausages!
Champagne? ...Or not.

Scruffy Scruff on all the boys, because that is what breaks from school are for!