Thursday, December 2, 2010

Halloween 2010~Elven Lovers

Steven and I celebrated Halloween by spending about $200 total on our Halloween costumes, and probably another $100 on decor for our apartment. We're really into Holidays, and Halloween is my next favorite after Christmas so I go all out.
We decorated for Halloween a full 3 days prior to October, and added on throughout the month as things went on sale at the BYU bookstore. Also, we discovered a magical seasonal Halloween store in Orem that had a 50% off sale on November first. Whitney was kind enough to drive us so that we could all stash up on Halloween decorations and costume pieces.
Steven and I began planning our Halloween costumes back in July. We ordered his boots and my corset from his favorite Medieval magazine, and had them back at our previous apartment. We also ordered pointy elf ears online which didn't arrive until the week before Halloween. Fortunately, our Halloween costumes would be seen on two different nights as our Ward Halloween party was the night before the main event. Although we didn't win any prizes, we enjoyed showing off our costumes to admiring members of our ward. Also, we played a super fun party game wherein I had to the the "bend and snap".

After the ward Halloween party we met up with my sister Jessica and her man Miles. We'd been invited to share in their group date activity. Everyone had a camera and a prop and each couple had 20 minutes to run around campus and take funny pictures with their prop. We had an old work glove, and we made a horror story through photos of the glove attacking Steven the elf.
Oh, also we did a "buy this sexy work glove" commercial.

Saturday was the main Halloween event, a Halloween party hosted by my old friend Todd and Christie. They throw amazing Halloween costume parties every year! We were very excited to be able to dress up again. But, before heading to Spanish Fork for the party, Steven and I kept up the REAL Halloween tradition of Trick-or-Treating! We had wanted to make it a group event, but all of our friends and family are lame sissies that think Trick-or-Treating has some un-spoken age limit. You devils. :D haha jk. Anyway, they are all wrong, YOU ARE NEVER TOO OLD TO TRICK OR TREAT! :D Wheee! Steven and I had a great time traipsing around upper-Mapleton getting free candy. The only downside was that we started our trick-or-treating much too late in the evening, and were only able to go door-to-door for about 45 minutes before we were expected for the party.

At the party Steven was introduced to the weird and eccentric "Rocky Horror Picture Show". XD Eh heh heh. Also there was great food and fun friends and costumes all around. Plus there was a little costume contest and Steven and I won "Best Overall costume(s)" of the evening! Woohoo! All our hard work had definitely paid off. It was a great night!
Also significant was that this also happened to be our 6 month anniversary of being married! {couldn't have planned that better! ;)}Mom and Dad Lindsley made us a yummy little chocolate cake to celebrate, so when we got home we lit the candle and had ourselves an extra Halloween/Anniversary celebration.

2010~Best Halloween yet!
Next year we're probably being pirates. 

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