Thursday, December 2, 2010

Black and White with a hint of Pink

I've said it before and I'll likely say it again: One of the best things about marrying my high school sweetheart has been that we already have a lot of the same friends. And fortunately, most of those friends are still in Utah with us, so we get to hang out with them a lot. Hooray!
This particular blog post is dedicated to our dear friend Melissa, who for her 22nd birthday threw a black white and pink party.

You don't need to invite us twice to anything where dressing-up is involved. Steven and I were ECSTATIC! :)

Steven wore his black church pants and shoes with a white tie over a great black with white pinstripes shirt that we found at DI and I wore my cocktail dress from New York over leather leggings and took my new white boa that we recently bought at Halloween city as well as my new lace gloves. Oh, Steven had on his opera gloves as well.

Since we didn't really have any pink articles of clothing, we brought along our super awesome pink pony as our "touch of pink". We are now accepting suggestions for it's name.

Here is Steven stroking our pony. 
Here is me stroking my boa...which unfortunately shed feathers all over their couch. ...Sorry 'bout that. 

The party was AWESOME! Great treats, great friends, great apartment! So much fun!!
Here are some of our super awesome friends:

Laura and Lauren!

Cute Camille!
Aaaand Tyler!
 Plus our beautiful birthday girl MELISSA!

Melissa, styling the ever so wonderful high school choir dress!
After mingling and treats we played some super fun games, including catch phrase wherein I embarrassed myself by yelling "PARIS!!" after the clue was "a city in Italy." ...Yeah. No worries, I HAD yelled "Venice" first.
It was a great night with friends and we are super glad that people still invite us to stuff even though we're married.

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