Monday, October 18, 2010

I got a new haircut! yayaya!

Before the cut!
It had been long enough...and is WAS long enough!! (My hair, that is...)
Steven LOVES long hair to an obsessive point, so he has made me promise that I won't hack it all off until we have basically never. XD haha. jk. So, to compromise, I got a "punk" cut, where there is only ONE long layer on the bottom and all the rest is short and funky. Kinda like emo girls...I guess.
So anyway...
Here is my hair before it was cut. Pretty sickeningly long...
Steven was sure to take lots of pictures before I went to the salon. He was pretty nervous about what I was going to do to it. 
From the front
Snippy Snip Snip!! :D

He was going to work while I got my hair cut, so he wouldn't be seeing any of the carnage first hand. 
But, fortunately for Steven, I am smart about my hair. Also, I LOVE getting my hair cut at The Paul Mitchell School in Provo because they are really careful and always listen EXACTLY to what you want. Plus, the students have to check it off with a teacher before and AFTER they cut it, so you feel confident that they know what they're doing. Plus, it's only $8.00 

See, not so bad Steven! I only had them take an inch off the bottom!
Lots of layers in the back and top!!!

Yay! New hair and weird pose!! :D Hooray!

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