Monday, September 20, 2010

The Post wherein I, Rebekah, get offered a job

True story!!
I always work 32 hours a week. Monday-Thursday, 11pm-7am. But lately I've been helping out my breakfast lady coworkers by picking up at least 1 breakfast shift a week as well. So, this past Saturday I woke up at 5:30am to get to work by 6:30 (on our one bicycle of course!) to work the Saturday morning breakfast shift.
Towards the end of my shift as I'm starting to clean up, a lady whom I had noticed eating breakfast earlier came up and asked me if I was a BYU student. When I replied in the affirmative she asked if I would be interested in a second part-time job! She explained to me that she and her husband are property owners of a condo in Provo and were looking for a new property manager to collect the rent and do the cleaning check once a month. They had watched me working that morning and noticed that I was (in her words) "quick, efficient, friendly and conscientious" and that exhibited qualities that they were looking for in a new manager. The husband had also come over by this time and affirmed that I seemed to be good at my job, and they were thrilled to ask if I had any interest. I told them a little about myself and went ahead and wrote down my information figuring that it couldn't hurt to have them consider me! We chatted a little bit and they headed out saying that they would further consider me and we would be in touch.
After they left I went back to my cleaning and related the story to my current manager, Ben. I saw the couple out in the parking lot, loading up their car and giving every impression that they were leaving.
Just then, they walked back in the lobby and approached me.
"We've been thinking it over, and we just really feel like you are the person we are supposed to hire. We'd like to offer you a job as our property manager!" Aiee! I happily accepted the position, and then they said they wished they had someone like me working at their company in Seattle, and if Steven  and I ever move there, I can consider myself employed!! AHHHH!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So, TAH DAH!! I have the PERFECT second job!!! I am the property manager of a BYU approved off-campus Women's housing condo in Provo! WHEEEEE!!!


  1. Wow!!!!!!!! That is really cool!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!

  2. Oh, good job. I wasn't near conscientious enough for that...


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