Monday, September 20, 2010


So this one time (because it actually happened before the road trip but I forgot to post about it...) Steven and I (well mostly me) REALLY wanted to go camping. So we borrowed a tent and sleeping bags from the Lindsley parents, bought some rations, and headed up Hobble Creek Canyon. Unfortunately this was the last weekend of the summer, so everyone else had had the exact same idea and all 3 campgrounds were full. Being adventurous and wanting to fulfill our outdoor desires, Steven and I decided to ignore a "DAY USE ONLY" sign, and set up camp off the road at one of the daytime fire pit locations along the road. It was about 10pm by the time we found a spot, but the brilliant full moon lit everything up beautifully. Steven set up the sent and I got a fire going, and soon enough we were happily roasting hot dogs for our dinner. 
And just then...up pull the State Troopers and their big old cop car. 
True story.
Steven gets up to greet them, aaaaand, I keep turning my hot dog. Two cops get out and start over to us with their flashlights. 
Cop: (shining the light over us) "How you guys doing tonight? You guys doing alright?"
Me: (Still on the ground) "If we really have to leave can we at least finish our hot dogs first?"
Cop: "So you guys know this is a day use only site?"
Me: "Yes, we saw that, but we decided to  be blatantly disobedient and camp here anyway because all the campgrounds are full." 
Cop: (Surprised) "Well at least you're honest!"
Me: "Disobedient, but honest."
Cop: (Thinking to himself and looking at the other cop) "...all full huh..."
Steven: "Yeah, we drove all the way up to [third campground] and they all said 'campground full'."
Me: "But we're not drinking, we're not doing drugs....and we're married!"
Cop: (Chuckling) "Well, tell you guys what...if you are sure to put out your campfire all the way, you guys can go ahead and crash out here tonight and we won't bother ya." 

There was a bit more dialog after that, consisting of us being really excited and me offering them hot dogs.
Also, they told us that for future reference if you take the dirt road that's up even past Balsam, you can camp anywhere and there are no rules or curfews. Awesome!! So that is our cool camping story of how we made friends with the cops and ended up having the best camping spot EVER because we were all by ourselves, and by a river, and total awesome privacy. 
Me being super excited that the cops were cool cats
After the cops left we ate our hot dogs and treats and talked by the fire until about midnight. Then, after putting out the flames (safety first!) we climbed into our warm comfy tent to read our marriage relations book and listen to the crickets and the wind and the sound of the creek singing. It was wonderful. 
Us in the tent!
In the morning we ate some yummy pop-tarts and apple juice!
Morning picture.

And then followed the best picture of my entire life, wherein I was eating a poptart. 

Behold: Natural Ugliness!! :D
I have now attempted to put in on every possible website I am affiliated with, because it is simply TOO epic to be hidden. BAH HA HA! I laugh hysterically every time I see this gem. 
After I got somewhat put together, we went exploring! 

It was a beautiful day in the mountains
Steven found some Lamb's Ear plants and knew just what to do with them!

Hee hee hee! 
Then I decided to take a dip in the creek!

It was a great adventure and we LOVE CAMPING!!

Kids, don't try this at home. 


  1. We love camping too!!
    Lindsley camping trip next year?! Yes?!!!

  2. Holy cow, you look like death! (In the poptart picture.)

  3. Hahaha! Thanks Rich! You know, I think Steven is secretly grateful that I work nights so he only has to wake up to THAT on the weekends. Week-days he is spared. :D


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