Monday, August 23, 2010

~**~Llama Fest!~**~

On one of our jolly weekend adventures, Steven and I took a trip down south to good ol' Spanish Fark to see all the Llamas at the Hare Krishna Llama fest. This is a yearly event which showcases all the llamas of the valley in all their woolly wonder. It was advertised that there would be llama races, a petting zoo, and for a small fee you could even ride a llama! Steven was particularly excited about this aspect of the fest, and we decided that no pennies would be spared until he rode a llama! Unfortunately, once we arrived we were disappointed to discover that the weight limit for riding a llama was 65 lbs. and therefore Steven was toooo big. Darn. We are now planning a trip to some country that ACTUALLY lets you ride llamas. **false advertising! cough cough!**
But even without the llama rides, we had a great time wandering around the Hare Krishna temple and admiring all the booths with jewelry and clothing and llama toys. 
Here I am at the beginning of our adventure, with the beautiful Hare Krishna temple in the background

Overlooking the pond there is this beautiful jade statue, and in the background you can see what the booths looked like!

Besides Llamas there were an assortment of other exotic animals including some beautiful parrots that were NOT shy at all! They came right up on the bars of their cage and if you were careful not to get nipped you could touch them! Also, there were WHITE peacocks! I've never seen those before, and also, they had zebu, which are like miniature cows with humps. Pretty weird!

And of course, although we couldn't ride them, there were plenty of Llamas strutting their stuff!

Mmm...Llama Face!
After we pet every animal that we could get our fingertips on, we went to explore the Alladin-esque temple. It's very beautiful, and as long as you are quiet and respectful you can walk all over it, and even go inside! It was a beautiful evening with the warm sun just setting below the mountains and we got some lovely shots with our little camera.

Here is what it looks like inside! Everyone takes their shoes off before entering,
 and there were some drummers
and everyone was singing and chanting the words to the Hare Hare song.
It was really cool!
After we had seen all there was to see we relaxed on the slope below the temple and watched a group of young MDT kids sing karaoke and I missed my AMDA days. 

Over all, we really enjoyed our little cultural experience and are grateful that there are a variety of cultural experiences right at our doorsteps, EVEN in Utah. ;)

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  1. We love the Hare Krishna temple! We went one quiet evening once for a tour, it was sweet. Glad you had fun there!


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