Tuesday, June 29, 2010

And this, our life, our Beginning

The above is a quote on my mother's wedding photo album that I never really understood...until now. :) 


So...better late than never, I shall tell about what happened with us AFTER the honeymoon. 

Steven didn't happen to mention that our honeymoon was prolonged by one day because of the lovely volcanic ash that was floating all over the northern hemisphere. Because of that delightful event, we ended up spending an extra night in Chicago on our way home. Fortunately, the airline paid for our hotel and two free meals, so that was pretty rockin' awesome. We ate the most amazing meals of our lives and paid nothing! mwah ha ha ha haaa!

When we finally got back to Utah, a whole day later than anticipated, my mom picked us up from the airport and drove us to her house for lunch. (More free food! Ai!) Then we stole her car and drove to Steven's parents house to load up all of the things he wanted to take with him to our new life. It took like 4 hours because it was just him and me. Plus, it already felt like about 10pm at night to our bodies because Ireland is what...7 or 8 hours ahead? We were exhausted. Fortunately, all my stuff had been dumped in our new apartment before we got married, so we didn't have to worry about that. We DID however have to go grocery shopping, so after we finished taking all of Steven's stuff from the van up two flights of stairs to our apartment (another couple hours) we went late night shopping at Walmart for food. Finally, we took the van back to Mom, and she drove us home at like 12:30 in the morning. 

This is what our apartment looked like once we'd gotten everything in that night. Oh wow.

While we were on our honeymoon we had been really excited to open our wedding gifts, and had promised each other that we would do it the first night back. So...true to our word we did. We were up until 2AM unwrapping presents. Thank you everyone for all the lovely gifts, we love them. Sadly though, by the end we were so tired and drained of all energy (imagine what time it felt like to our bodies...) that we were just tossing boxes and wrapping paper over our shoulder as we unwrapped things and left a HUGE mess in our office. Lol. 

Fortunately, neither of us had to go back to work right away, so we had the whole weekend to get organized. We spent most of Saturday putting things together, and I tried out our oven and made some cupcakes! 
Here I am eating one of the yummy cupcakes.
Later that night we had our first guests and they shared some cupcakes too!
Ethan, Eric and Austin (our groomsmen friends) dropped by late that next night to see our apartment. We showed them the pictures from our honeymoon,  and then the five of us played Hide and Seek in the apartment. You'd think with just two bedrooms and a small bathroom it would be ridiculously easy, but not so! We actually played for about a half hour, with people hiding beneath desks, in closets, between mattresses, under empty boxes in the office, behind shower curtains, and best of all--Ethan somehow managed to curl up under one of the bathroom sinks! It was a blast. 

Living with Steven is so fun, and so natural. Everyone who says marriage is a shock-or that they "never knew the 'real' them" before marriage obviously didn't know their fiance well enough. Of course, the advantage to having two bedrooms is that when we do get on each other's nerves we can just go into another room. Pretty 

At my request, Steven had grown a lovely beard on our honeymoon, but now that we were back in Happy Valley it was time for him to go clean shaven again. We took pictures of each stage of the transformation as he shaved it off. 

Our first Sunday home we went to our new married ward and we LOVE it! Unlike a singles ward where everyone hates you when you are with someone, in a married ward EVERYONE is 'with' someone, and we're all cuddly and backrubby, and nobody cares. Pure bliss! Plus there are adorable babies everywhere that are doing the most ridiculous and funny things to keep us entertained. 

After church Steven found a massive mutated strawberry in our box of strawberries. It was as big as 3 strawberries all at once! Bah!!! I cut it into slices and fed it to him secretly a few days later... eh heh heh. 

Our first Monday at home we had our very first Family Home Evening. Since we have no children, we filled the empty space with our stuffed animals. Fortunately for us they are very attentive, and we had a lovely lesson about the restoration presented by Daddy Steven. 

Mommy ReRe and the babies

Daddy Stevo and our lovely family

 Don't ask me how we managed to have a 4 monkeys, 2 turtles and a puppy... 

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