Friday, May 28, 2010

And then there were two. :)


After approximately 3 years and 3 months of wishing and waiting and wanting and praying and hoping, Steven Robert Lindsley and Rebekah Sue Jenson were sealed to each other for Time and ALLLL eternity in the Mount Timpanogos temple.

April 30th 2010 began with a blanket of light snow. In April??!?? Are you freaking KIDDING ME? Yeah...needless to say, I was like the Bridezilla of the earth that morning. I was SO pissed that Mother Nature had dumped snow on my special day. FREAK! We chose the LAST DAY IN APRIL so that we could have a Spring wedding! The morning was rushed as we tried to put together the finishing touches on the reception decorations, and my mom had some last minute errands at Walmart. I was NOT in the best mood; worried that I would not have enough time to get ready, and realizing all the little things that had never come together. (I never did paint my nails...) Fortunately, I never bother with a hair dresser and always do it myself for fancy occasions, so I had my own time frame for that one.
It was SO great to have all of my family there to help out. Now that we're all mostly grown, I never get to see them! Plus, this was the first time that I was able to meet my newest niece, Abby.
After photos we were off to our reception and it was a BLAST!!! It turned out almost exactly how we had imagined with a great big spacious Stake Center cultural hall all decked out with trees and twinkles lights and a magestic backdrop and green and white and silver everywhere! Magnificent! Our food and cake were so delicous, and Steven made the cutest and best slideshow of all time!!! Overall, best day of life so far, and hooray, we are married!!! :D

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