Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentines Weekend~3 years and going strong!!

Counting the mission, Steven and I have now been "together" for over 3 YEARS!!! AHHH! That is longer than some of our married friends have KNOWN each other! And we've KNOWN each other (theoretically) since the 6th grade! :D I love it.

It all began when Steven asked me to the Sweethearts dance Senior year. I had come home from a LOOOONG day working at the Art City Trolley, and my sister Jessica said there was something on the porch for me. I looked, and there was a lamenated sheet of paper covered in purple dark chocolate Hershey kisses.
I had long since given up on Steven Lindsley. Although I'd been crushing on him since the 8th grade, he was WAYYY out of my league, and recent events (*cough cough Stake dance cough*) had given me reason to believe he would NEVER be interested in me.
However, the poem stated otherwise, and he was asking ME to the SWEETHEARTS DANCE!
AHHHH! I can't remember when I'd been more excited.
Little did we know....3 years later... :)

Here we are standing in my parents entryway, February 2007; our first official date!

This weekend was quite amazing.

Steven and I, being cheap and wanting to just be together, decided to spend the weekend doing the things we love best.
Fortunately, to spice up our day a bit, there was a free Bridal Fair held at Provo High School for us to go to. It was a lot of fun and we got about a hundred pamphlets from Utah Valley vendors offering services in photography, hair, dresses, catering, and all things wedding related. My roommate and Steven's younger sister were also in attendance, so it was a very fun afternoon. Brides had to register online so my roommate created an imaginary groom named "Peter Fairbanks" and told everyone she was getting married on August 14th. haha! She rocks my life.
All of us girls got our hair done at the free hair salon, and Steven patiently went around and got signatures from all the vendors and entered us into a lot of drawings. We've gotten called back with 3 different offers from contests we won! It was very successful and we got a lot of good ideas and advice.
After the Fair Steven took things to a new level by taking me to a surprise dinner at The Art City Trolley Restaurant! I worked at the Trolley all through High School and hadn't been back since moving home, but I'm ALWAYS craving their phenomenal food! Fortunately there are still employees there that know me, so we got free pie with our meal. Awesome! It was great to be back in that place so full of fun memories from my high school employment. And I'm being serious when I say that; I LOVED being a waitress!
After dinner we went back to Steven's parents house in Mapleton. They were kind enough to allow us to spend the evening there as we both have roommates at our other residences and wanted some 'alone time' on V-day.
Steven had agreed to be a good sport and watch a chick flick with me-Just for the Holiday. Normally I can't make him sit through one. He'll get bored. His definition of a chick flick is "a boy and a girl meet. There is no reason they'd ever want to be together. Extenuating circumstances forces them to be together and then they fall in love. The End." Strangely enough, this is fairly accurate for all of my favorite movies.
Anyway, since it was Valentines Day and all, I made Steven watch "P.S. I Love You". I cried, and he stated that he felt it was depressing and never wanted to see it again. HAHA! :D
I love love love love LOVED spending Valentines day with my sweetheart, and am SUPER glad we never have to be apart again.

***OXEN LOVE!!!***

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