Saturday, February 27, 2010

Night of Ward Prom!

Three years ago, in February of 2007, Rebekah and I attended our first dance together, and it was the first time I had asked her out. Two and a half months after that, I took her to Senior Prom, which was definitely one of the most amazing nights we've ever had together. :) Last weekend Rebekah and I commemorated that again by going to Ward Prom, sponsored by BYU 40th ward. The event itself took place up Provo Canyon at Aspen Grove, which is a beautiful lodge. After Rebekah and I got all ready for the event (she took an hour to do her hair, which turned out beautifully stunning!), I picked up her up from her apartment and we headed out in Tino the Turtle Truck up Provo Canyon. Rebekah also wore the Prom dress she had when we went together in High School, so it was extra special. :) Ahh...she looked so beautiful! :) Still does.

Ahem, anyway, we get up there, and it starts to snow a little bit, but Tino makes it up fine. We sit down in the hall to eat a scrumptious dinner of ham, rolls, salad, vegetables, and alfalfa sprouts (if that's how you spell it). PLUS some yummy cheesecake! Afterwards, we go to a dancing hall and there's a big dance going on! Rebekah and I had fun dancing together, especially on the slow songs, and she was able to get me dancing fast-style as well.
Well, after getting tired of all that, we decided to head for home. I carried Rebekah out to the car in her big, poofy, lovely dress, and then realized that I had locked the car keys inside Tino. Hm. No probelm! There's a window! Oh wait--it's frozen shut! So our getaway came to an abrupt halt, as we tried getting the window open with everything thinkable. I almost used a plunger, but eventually we were able to pry it open and force it to the side. People from the bishopric and my roommate helped as well, and soon we were on our way again, down the mountain!
Then, upon taking a turn, Tino slipped and slided into a snowbank! Oh no! We both agreed it couldn't been worse, and we could have hit a deer. :) The Bishopric Car, who was behind us, stopped to help dig Tino out with Window scrapers, and eventually, and after several pushes, Tino came free! Yay! What an adventure! Not quite what we may have anticipated, but we didn't let that damper our evening together. I think the best part of it all was that I got to show off my gorgeous date to the whole ward! Mmm. :)

Me trying to get the window open on Tino! It was FROZEN.

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