Saturday, February 6, 2010

HI WE'RE ENGAGED! (to be said with no pauses...)

Another great day in the life of Steven and Rebekah (who, by the way, will NOT answer to "Stebekah"...) in which we got another thing checked off on our master list of wedding planning!
Hmm...sort of two things actually...
First and most amazingly, we got our engagement pictures taken!!! :D This was something that was on our list for January, but since things got so busy with school we hadn't gotten around to it yet. Fortunately for us, my roommate Lauren Moss is an AMAZING photographer. She's got a great eye, and superb skills! She made our photo shoot so much FUN! And because we already knew her really well we were really comfortable and overall it was just a lot of fun.
The location we chose was the most stereotypical Utah/Provo location there is: The "castle" above the mental hospital. (Cozy, right?) It pretty freaking cool, and since Lauren has done some shoots up there before, she knew all the best places! There were some awesome staircases and stuff that I'd never seen before, and it was GREAT! We had brought 3 different outfits for variety purposes, but only ended up using two because it was friggin' cold and I didn't feel like putting on a short-sleeved outfit. Even so, we definitely have enough pictures to make a nice announcement, and to garnish our reception and future home.
When we first got up there (cleverly driving straight past the "No trespassing" signs...) it was lightly drizzling rain, and it had been raining all morning, so everything was wet, muddy and dead. I'd never imagined us having engagement pictures in the Winter, because I'd always planned on us getting married in the Fall...but we worked with what we had since we're gettin married in April. Props to Lauren for still making us look awesome.
At first we were against this rock wall under these overhanging branch things...and they kept dripping water in our eyes and hair. Since we are both madly hair-conscious...this was not terribly romantic. Next, we took some awesome shots making fun of all the stereotypical engagement photos we've seen...and I laughed a lot when we looked at them after. Hopefully they'll end up on some unsuspecting tables at our reception. Mwah hah haha!
We also have one that very much resembles a cover to one of those cheesy romance novel paintings. I'm pretty sure it's going to have to be blown up on a wall in our living room. Eh heh heh...

After a little bit the rain cleared, and we were able to find some dry places to sit and cuddle up. My roommate was phenomenal at keeping things real. She's very meticulous and would stop if either of us had 'fake' smiles and make us 'shake out our faces' before starting again. Tee hee! I love her! She also kept it real by having us say what we loved about each other, and recall cute stories from our relationship together. There were definite genuine smiles throughout the whole shoot and well as some gorgeous "serious" takes. Steven is a supermodel. Freak. I'm so lucky!
After about two hours and six different locations, we were satisfied. I'm super excited to see the finished results!

Second awesome story of the day was that my mom took me to pick up my bridal gown!!! We found it at Walkers Eternity Bridal and Prom on center street in Provo. It's the same place I bought my Prom dress senior year when Steven took me to Prom, so that's kinda special. :) We'd been to about five different locations and I'd tried on over 20 dresses in total when we found this one. My mom is super efficient, so she'd just been walking into each place and saying "We're looking for a wedding dress; under 400 in a size 2 or 4." She pretty much rocks my life. At Walkers they directed us to the appropriate rack and we looked through every one, immediately nixing anything over 400, as well as anything 'ball-gown' shaped. We ended up pulling out two possible options, neither of which I was totally convinced by, but I thought I'd give them a try anyway. I was really interested in mermaid shaped dresses, but also in love with anything lace, so I wasn't expecting that I'd like either of these very much, and was kinda leaning towards buying one online, or at Sweethearts Bridal where there had been a dress that both my mom's had fallen in love with the week before.
However, there were two possible choices, so I tromped off to the dressing room to give them the benefit of the doubt.
The first very much resembled a night gown, so that was a no-go. My sister Elizabeth came in to help me put on the second one. At first we really couldn't figure out what it's deal was...It was a mermaid cut, but there was all this extra fabric that we couldn't figure out the purpose of. I was doubtful. Elizabeth opened the door and I walked out to the mirrors and stepped up to take a look. BaM! I was in love!!! I didn't even want to take it off! Of all the dresses I'd tried, this was the first one that I really felt like a bride in. It is amazing. It's totally different than what I'd been picturing, but it's unique and flattering. It's still a mermaid cut initially, but with a gigantic flowing detached train. I'm in love. Plus, it's a discontinued dress, so it was heavily discounted making it WELL within our budget! (Normally almost a $700 dress!) And I don't have to worry about running into another bride with my same dress, because they don't make it anymore! :D A few alterations need to be made, but when I brought it home and tried it on for my roommates they both said it fit like it was made for my body. I love it!!! Ahh! It will be epic.
Third story (since I have time now that Steven's gone to bed and isn't GMail chatting with me anymore...) is that we've been apartment hunting this week, and think we may have found THE ONE! haha! We browsed craigslist and pulled off anything that was under 500 a month, and narrowed it down to three possible options. The first one we checked out was cozy and we could have made it work, but in all honesty it was SO cozy that I was feeling a bit claustrophobic. So when we saw the second one, we were blown away by the size. It's still a basement apartment, which is small, but the living room is actually quite a nice size and it's a great location and has laundry in the apartment complex! I'm sold. We're pretty dang excited about having our own living space together;...and a room filled with nothing but beanbags. yeeeeeessssssss! True Love.


  1. How exciting!!!!!!! :D
    Minus, if we can't call you Stebekah, what CAN we call you? We have a Richney, Rychelle, and uhhhh Reteven? ;)

  2. Yay!!! That was an excellent post! :D You make me smile, Cupcake. Oh, and Michelle, you COULD just call us Steven and Rebekah...or That Really Cute Couple...or..Steven and his Hot know, something like that. :)


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