Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Winter Semester has begun!

Well, the most recent news is that Rebekah and I started school at BYU this Monday! I think we were both excited, and maybe a little nervous (I know I was). We're both mostly taking General classes, and are in a couple of them together! This makes for both a more enjoyable class period (while still paying attention, of course), and cheaper book fare (as we can share books). We're also both working part-time, so we didn't want to load ourselves up too much with too many classes, what with planning a wedding and all and making time to see each other. :) Fortunately, we're very organized and have already done much planning, so there shall be no stress involved with THIS couple!
We also got UTA Bus passes, so now we can travel Utah County like a floormat!
Well, I better go return to doing something productive, so I'll sign out for now!

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