Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Does Rebekah have Super Powers? I think yes.

So, it's my turn to post something on this blog, so I guess I might as well get it over with, and then a super exciting post from Rebekah can be anticipated. :)
Well, mostly Rebekah and I have been going to school, doing our homework, going to work, eating, sleeping (except in the case of Rebekah--more on that later), hanging out with each other, going to church and on a date once a week, doing our laundry, and so forth. But so that you all don't fall asleep from boredom of our lives, I'll fill you in on a couple of interesting experiences that transpired in the last week or so.
So this one time, I was going to chat with Rebekah via Gmail while she started work and before I went to sleep. She didn't answer her chat thingy....and then finally said, "We just got robbed. Hang on." I was like, "Whaaaat??!?" And turns out, some drunken mexican chain-robber had targeted the Marriott Fairfield Inn. But don't worry, despite this less-than-ideal state of circumstances, it still turned out to be a great day at the Fairfield Inn: After demanding money from the front desk associate (Rebekah), the robber obtained about 200 dollars. "Give me the rest!" he said. "There's nothing else here! That's all there is!" responds an annoyed Rebekah. She takes out the cash register drawer and shows it to him. While all of the cash is gone, he spots some rolls of coins. "What are those? Give them to me!" he barks, yet still drunken, and making clicking noises inside his pocket with his fake gun. Rebekah slowly put the drawer back into the cash register before handing him the rolls of pennies and nickels, and leaving the rolls of dimes and quarters inside. "Here you go, $1.25, knock yourself out," thought Rebekah after handing him the coins, and he left. Immediately thereafter she called the police and her managers, and within minutes all arrived at the scene, brushing for fingerprints, asking for descriptions of the robber, and reviewing the security cameras. After a while his car was spotted at a bar, where he had tried to use a roll of nickels to pay for his drink. The cops arrived and arrested him, putting an end to his robberings. Rebekah was extremely cool and relaxed throughout, even having the guts to talk back to her robber. She definitely contributed to his arrest! Yay!
Then, something strange happened later that weekend: Rebekah somehow managed to stay awake for nearly 36 hours before collapsing exhausted in bed Sunday night. Don't ask me how she did it, neither I nor she knows, but she probably has super powers that enable her to stay up so long without significant effects.
The other amazing thing (again, this has to do with Rebekah), is that Rebekah selected her wedding dress! Yay! I haven't seen it, but she described it to me, and is convinced that it's absolutely amazing and unique and gorgeous! I was excited just hearing about it! It's gonna be good! :) We both can't wait for our wedding in April and the opportunities of married life. For, with our powers combined...we are......PLATYPUS!!!!

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