Sunday, December 13, 2009

Wisdom Teeth and Christmas Carols

Wow, what a successful weekend! We accomplished so much together, not the least of which was deleting my old blog and creating this new one to contribute to together! Whee! Togetherness!
This last week our main goal was to find and purchase the ACTUAL engagement ring. What adventures we had dealing with the many jewelers. We encountered everything from the "Here are the 3 options we have, take your pick" to "Why OF COURSE we can make that for'll only cost you your life and soul." But in the end we were both happily satisfied with ordering our ring from Wilson Diamonds. It will be GORGEOUS! I, for one, am very excited. ;)
Next on the agenda this week, I had to get my wisdom teeth out. No fun. However, the procedure went without complication, I had a lovely medically enduced nap, and I hardly swelled up at all!
However, the timing wasn't quite ideal, because the next morning I had a 10 AM rehearsal, and on Sunday TWO sacrament meeting performances and a work shift from 3-11. But I am happy to report that I am surviving. Go pain killers.


  1. Hooray! But...what do Christmas Carols have to do with those events? :/ Haha. I am glad everything worked out so nicely with the engagement ring and that you didn't die getting your wisdom teeth out. :) Winners!

  2. We ARE winners. :D And the Christmas Carol part was supposed to be referring to the singing in church part. Sorry you didn't catch that. I'll attempt to be more obvious next time. ;)

  3. Well, maybe if you had said "Christmas Choraling" instead of "Christmas Caroling" I would have gotten it. :)

  4. Yes, but that wouldn't have been gramatically correct. In fact, I am doubtful that 'choraling' is even a word...genius. ...


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