Sunday, December 27, 2009

I'll give you more than a few lines....

So, SOMEONE who also updates this blog said it was still my turn because my last post was so short and obvious, so here I am again to tell ya'll about our AMAZING first Christmas together. :D That's right, despite that fact that we dated 8 months prior to the mission, we never shared a Christmas.
Fortunately we don't really have to choose which family to spend the Holidays with, because our families live approximately 8 minutes away from each other. Handy. That's just ONE of the perks about being high school sweethearts. ;) One of the many!
So, Christmas Eve dinner was spent at the Lindsley residence, where we had authentic Mexican tamales, after which we headed to my parents house for the traditional Christmas Eve program and pageant.
My family is kinda intense...gotta love it!
Thankfully Steven has known how weird they are for a while, so this came as no shock to him. He even went Christmas Caroling with us this year! [Every year my family delivers Christmas gifts to neighbors and friends the week of Christmas. We all bundle up and go door to door and carol as we hand over the treat or trinket. Having an 8+ person family enables us to have awesome 4+ harmony. It's grand. Steven fits in perfectly with his super manly and attractive voice. Ai AI!]
Our Christmas Eve program starts with a prayer and family song, and then we have a talent show! The talents range from the well-rehearsed to the totally random and bizarre. (One year my oldest sister Jennifer and her husband Matt favored us with "A whole New World" from Aladdin while sitting on the entry rug.) This year Melissa (my 12 year old sister) wrote this HILARIOUS poem called "Our Christmas Tree", which described our traditionally pathetic live Christmas tree adorned with so many odd ornaments you can barely see the needles. Elizabeth and I performed "Mary Did You Know" with her on piano and me on vocals of course. ;) Then Jess and her bf Miles played the violin and guitar, and then just Miles played "Robin Hood and Little John". Epic.
My mom always finishes the talent portion of the evening by reading "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever" to us. And she ALWAYS cries. ...and then I cry, and then ELIZABETH cries, and then Melissa finishes it off. What can we do?? We're girls!! Gladly, Steven doesn't mind that I'm a bawl-baby. haha.
After talents comes the pageant, wherein we all dress up as a character from the nativity and act it out as one of my parents reads Luke and the other snaps pictures. Steven and I were designated to play the roles of Mary and Joseph this year. Steven brought his Gandalf cloak. Awesome. Add that to the many reasons why I'm marrying him. :D haha! Best Joseph ever!!!
After THAT (Nope, not finished yet!! Told ya I'd exceed my last heh heh.) we listen to "Twas the Night Before Christmas" recorded by a little German lady from my Dad's mission. Then we sing silent night and kneel for family prayer. :) I loved having Steven there to share in the festivities.

This year I was scheduled to work every night shift during the break, so after the family time I donned my Santa hat and headed for the Fairfield Inn. Holiday pay baby!!!

Christmas morning we spent with our own families...realizing this is the last time it will be so. Kinda weird and yet SO exciting!!
By the afternoon we were looking forward to seeing one another, so I drove over the Mapleton to party with the Lindsleys! I love my new almost-family. :) Yippie!

Christmas is awesome, and I love Steven.

Next story: Today we had our FIRST "marital interview" with a Bishop! Steven's Mapleton Bishop wanted to meet with us at least once before Steven moves.(this week!) I had this oddly foreboding feeling, like maybe I'd answer a question wrong and the Bishop would say, "Sorry! You don't qualify for this young man! K, bye!"
Fortunately, that will never happen. LoL. And it was a great, fun interview. I love Steven. Yep!

Okay, that is currently all I have to ramble about. Eh heh heh. Take that Steven. XD

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