Saturday, January 23, 2016

Lindsley Year in Review 2015

January: We started the year by spending the night in Salt Lake City as per the yuzhe.

March: Rebekah helped to fundraise for the new UVU Arts building by joining the “Student 2 Student for the Arts” campaign and running donation booths around campus for two weeks. The UVU Chamber Choir also performed in a fundraising concert in Salt Lake City for many heads of state and high-ranking community officials. Also, the UVU Chamber Choir put on our “Best Of” show, which Rebekah helped to coordinate, direct, and accompany. 

Finally, in late March, Rebekah competed in the NATS (National Association of Teachers of Singing) Competition at BYU and made it to the Semi-Finals.

April: After much deliberation, Steven decided to discontinue his enrollment in the master’s program at BYU to pursue other life goals. However, he retained his work-from-home Linguistics job. 
Rebekah’s 26th birthday fell on the same date as a final semester concert for UVU Chamber Choir, which was great because she had a solo singing about a cat so it was basically the best birthday ever. At the conclusion of the month we celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary by spending a weekend in Wyoming and visiting Jackson Hole, Yellowstone, and The Grand Tetons.

May: May 3-13 The UVU Chamber Choir went on international tour of southern Spain. Rebekah served as the stage manager for the choir, became an international soloist, and on the final night was asked to be the tour manager for the upcoming season and a tour to Hawaii. Many thanks to the family and friends who donated to the tour fund and made this academic experience possible!

June: Rebekah volunteered at the “Free Hugs” booth at the Utah Pride festival and we both  marched with Mormons Building Bridges in the Utah Pride Parade for the third year. 

Later in the month we rejoiced and celebrated the historic legalization of Marriage Equality. 

Rebekah’s friend Xanthe also introduced her to the lucrative hobby of donating plasma, and Rebekah goes twice a week now to supplement her income.

July: For Pioneer day, Rebekah drove up 4+ hours to Idaho to visit her friend Katie, and they spent the weekend together at her family’s cabin, four-wheeling on the beach and going white-water rafting in a tiny kayak together. We were hulk-women!

This year Rebekah served as the choir director in the local LDS church ward, and in July debuted the choir with Peter J. Wilhousky’s “Battle Hymn of the Republic". This led to the choir being asked to sing at stake conference (a regional church gathering) with a combined stake choir directed by Rebekah.

Rebekah’s summer break was spent doing “Ology”, an independent study course to bypass having to take math classes at UVU. She passed and is done with math forever!!

August: A few weeks prior to fall semester starting, Rebekah got an email inviting her to be the assistant conductor of the UVU Men’s Choir. This was an opportunity not to be missed, but caused her to transfer departments at work due to a conflicting work schedule. She was transferred onto the Prevention Team and now works as an adoption respite specialist doing in-home visits for families that have adopted children from the foster care system. In August Steven began volunteering with Rebekah in The Family Support and Treatment Center Crisis Respite Nursery. The kids fondly refer to him as “the daddy teacher”.

September: Most importantly, September is the month of Salt Lake Comic Con! This year we went as Batman Beyond and Poison Ivy in costumes that were almost entirely homemade. We participated in several official photo shoots and interviews, and also helped beat the Guinness World Record for most comic book characters in one room!

October: Steven turned 27 years old and celebrated his birthday by being sick. Rebekah sang in the internationally touring “Zelda Symphony” with the UVU Chamber Choir at Abravanel Hall in SLC and sang one of the four solos. She was also one of four students at UVU who was asked to sing in a special masterclass highlighting pieces by American composer Libby Larsen.

For Halloween we hosted a Halloween party for the UVU Chamber Choir, and on Hallows Eve went out to dinner dressed as Harry and Ginny from the Harry Potter series.

November: Steven got a seasonal job working at Toys R Us in Orem, Rebekah directed a spooky and kooky student show called “Mad Scenes” for UVU, and we both enjoyed the annual UVU Chamber Choir “Friendsgiving”.

December: Rebekah was recruited to direct The North Star Utah Division Regional Choir for their internationally broadcast Christmas Fireside. Every Sunday for several months prior was spent rehearsing with about 60 wonderful individuals from the LGBT community in preparation for the event. Also in December Rebekah directed the UVU Men’s Chorus in concert, put together an entire Christmas sacrament meeting program for the LDS church ward, performed in two religious services at The Episcopal Church of St. Mary’s in Provo, AND helped to coordinate a surprise Chamber Choir flash mob love song medley at her choir teachers wedding.

Late in the month we were jointly hired to be “houseparents” in the crisis nursery at The Family Support and Treatment Center. We are very excited for this opportunity to work in such a wonderful agency together, and to improve our parenting skills as a couple.

2015 has been a year of huge change and wonderful opportunities. We are grateful especially for the new found friendships of this year, and are looking forward to 2016 with much excitement!

Favorite pictures from this year:

Singing at an academy in Spain

Me and Claire at the Zelda symphony!

Sister's chin picture at Elizabeth's wedding

Our first Thanksgiving alone, and we loved it!
Me and Xanthe recreating our "Best Friends" Photo for the third time
"La Hacienda" the best five friends of all time!

New Year, New Photos courtesy of Alec Powell. 
Here's to 2016!

Monday, February 16, 2015

Quotes from Tonight's Game Night #2

"I forgot how to play"
"You hit A."

"They really went to town on this DLC....Hyrule Town that is!"

"Steven hates all babies."

"You hear that? You have to hit the baby."

"Eat boomerrang!"

"Stupid blooper!" "Ah! Bats!"

"A need-based grant is, 'Give us all the money you can, and then we'll pay the rest.'"
"AND your first born child."

"When you're in twelfth place you can afford to go backwards."

"He's the hero of time! He'll just go back in time and not get poisoned."
"Like Bill Nye!"
"It's like a Dr. Suess book! 'Who would Bill Nye be murdered by?'"
"Any two syllable-named person."
"He would be murdered by Brennan Dye. I'm on to something! I'm going to write a book!"
*Everyone keeps talking obliviously*
"Red shell, blue shell, lava, dead..."

"You know what I want? I want to do a brownie. I want to do a brownie in my mouth."

*A couple minutes later*

"...Bill Nye couldn't fathom nothing, so he died."
"That narrow-minded scientist."

"Fabio all over your face! can't get mad, that was everyone's fantasy."


Sunday, February 1, 2015

Lindsley Year in Review: 2014

...As told by Rebekah, who is the main author of this blog.

JANUARY 2014: Rebekah was paid to sing for a recording studio, which was a first. Our grey car broke down requiring yet another costly repair (the alternator this time). Rebekah continued to volunteer in the crisis nursery a few hours a week, and in probably the most spontaneous night of our life, we bought a new TV.
This led to us gutting the entertainment center so that the new TV would fit inside it. 
FEBRUARY 2014: Rebekah toured Santa Barbara California with the UVU Chamber Choir, including a trip to Disneyland where she wore matching shirts that her friend Candace had designed for them.

Because we love Frozen.
And while at Disneyland, Rebekah got an amazing extra bonus to the tour, which was a visit from her sisters! They brought their husbands and kids for a special visit and luncheon at Disneyland, AND brought pizza for all of her friends because they are the best family ever.

We celebrated Valentines Day at Tucanos as per our tradition, and finished off February with Rebekah singing in the worlds longest Concert of Mendelssohn's Elijah.

MARCH 2014: Rebekah was recruited to once again relive her nanny days as the Porres family came to Park City for a week of skiing.

My little munchkins
March also marked the somewhat unexpected passing of Rebekah's last living Grandpa, Robert Ashpole.

But the most significant thing to happen in March of 2014, was that the last week in March was the last shift Rebekah worked as a night auditor at the Fairfield Inn.

Last night shift ever!
Farewell Fairfield 
List of all the coworkers I had while working there....
Through a happy and quick series of events, she was officially hired to WORK FOR The Family Support and Treatment Center that she had been volunteering at for the past two years. A huge huge blessing. 

APRIL 2014: Rebekah turned 25 years old and celebrated with a "Hot Glam Girl" themed birthday party inspired by Ellen. Guests were invited to dress up (either prior to the party or with props which were provided), play Ellen's app "heads up" and participate in group karaoke which was the most fun I've ever had at a party ever.

The spread. Thank you Sams Club!
Breanna and Eric
Me and the best cat shirt ever
Joe and Taraya

Pregnant Xanthe

Next big event was Steven's graduation. He graduated cum laude from Brigham Young University with a double major in Linguistics and German Studies and a Minor in Linguistic Computing. He was also accepted to Grad School. Because he's awesome. And hot.

We finished off April by celebrating our fourth wedding anniversary. This year we did a "staycation" and spent a couple nights in Salt Lake City, visiting Tracy Aviary and The Natural History Museum of Utah.

Lunch at Siegfrieds 
Spring semester finished off with UVU's final concert in which Rebekah had a small solo.

MAY 2014: We "celebrated" Memorial Day by hiking squaw peak, which is the last time Steven will ever take me on a hike. It was horrible.
Then Rebekah started summer classes, which almost completely finished off her generals.
Google Fiber came to Provo and we got free internet! This came in especially handy for using our new Wii U that Steven purchased for himself as a graduation present.

Later in May Rebekah's best old BYU roommate Lauren Moss visited from LA. We were sad to find out our old dinner haunt "Spark" had been replaced, but found a new dinner home at Banana Leaf where they have hot food AND hot waiters.

Finally, in what turned out to be one of the most amazing experiences of her life, Rebekah was a Douala at her best friend Xanthe's second babies' home birth.

JUNE 2014: Working at The Family Support and Treatment Center has completely changed Rebekah's life. Daily she gets to witness random acts of kindness, like in June when someone walked in off the street and anonymously donated 1000 dollars to our agency. Also in June, Rebekah took a Humanities through the arts class that was the best class ever. She was allowed to sing a musical theater piece in class as a "final project".
In June Rebekah's sister Elizabeth returned from her full-time ASL mission, and Steven and Rebekah walked with Mormons Building Bridges for the second year in the Utah Pride Parade and were even featured in Yahoo news. This year we were also joined by friends from Chamber Choir, a family from the ward, and cousins!

JULY 2014: Steven celebrated Independence Day by going on a three day hiking trip through the Uintas, and Rebekah went to Vegas with some girlfriends. Later in the month Rebekah helped to host what turned out to be a very successful ward yard sale, and we both attended the 1st Nathan Jenson family reunion in Springville.

Sisters! Melissa, 17; Me, 25; Jessica 27; Jennifer 31; Elizabeth, 23.

Aren't my nephews the cutest??!? 
AUGUST 2014: Rebekah really threw herself into some church involvement near the end of the year. In August she put together a group musical number for sacrament meeting, and put together a slideshow for a Relief Society lesson that featured photos from each of the girls weddings.

When school started up again (grad school for Steven this time) Rebekah auditioned for the UVU Chamber Choir again and this time was named as a section leader for the Altos. She was also voted as Stage Manager for the second year running. Rebekah also took her first official conducting class. And if that wasn't already enough, she decided to also take on another extra curricular, a community choir called "Cantorum"...which she later dropped out of because it was just too much on the plate.

SEPTEMBER 2014: Rebekah attended the 2nd annual "Provo Pride" festival with her friend Elsa and they both got Henna.

Later in September it was time for Comic Con! Our favorite event of the year! This year Steven dressed as Spiderman and Rebekah went as his nemesis/lover black cat.

We pretty much made the entire costumes ourselves. 
A "My Little Pony" cosplay that I thought was hilarious
After the Con we went out to dinner in our costumes at The Cheesecake Factory in City Creek. It was the perfect opportunity to use a gift card someone had given Steven for graduation. We got a kick out of all the stares and approving looks that we got from Cheesecake Factory patrons. A few little kids even ran up to meet "Spiderman". One little girl brought him a flower.
"Spiderman, party of two!"
Steven kept his mask on THE ENTIRE TIME. Our waiter was like, "That's commitment!"
OCTOBER 2014: Rebekah attended a "work retreat" for her job which consisted of some mild training, a talent show and then a sing-along. Her job is awesome.

Steven turned 26 and celebrated his birthday by playing Super Smash Bros on the Wii U with his friends.

We attended the beautiful wedding celebrations of two different couples in October: Rebekah's cousin Halle and her wife Becky, and Steven's best friend Eric and his bride Breanna.

NOVEMBER 2014: The UVU Chamber Choir performed "Path of Miracles", a 45 minute, 17 part, a capella piece.

UVU Chamber Choir at Halloween
 Over Thanksgiving break the grey car died once again, and to our dismay the verdict was that the transmission had once again failed for the second time in less than two years. Having no money to repair it, we decided to finally let it go. *cue music* After several failed attempts to get a buyer, we ended up selling it to a junkyard for $200. Goodbye grey car. Goodbye thousands of dollars worth of repairs.

Our first car. 1998 Hyundai Sonata. 
DECEMBER 2014: Steven and I were put in charge of the Ward Christmas Party, which meant that our ward had the best Christmas party of all time, catered by Tucanos. Rebekah was in charge of the UVU Christmas Choir concert, which meant coordinating seven different performing groups. Rebekah and some choir friends also attended a Messiah sing-along, which will hopefully become a yearly tradition because it was a blast. Finally, Rebekah helped with pretty much every musical number for the Ward Christmas program, and we both passed all our classes and finished off Fall semester with high GPAs.

Hooray for another year of memories!


And, as always, thanks to our amazing photographer Alana Dunn. 
See more of her stunning work at: Beautifully Dunn Photography